One woman’s perspective in the year of unknowns.

So many of us are looking forward to 2021, maybe because 2020 was so awful and, how could things get worse?

But the end of the year as always brings much reflection, this year especially. It’s been a micro to macro year. Ironically, a small tiny virus has changed a whole entire globe. The year of 2020 brought a lot of “global” revelations, and for all of us, there have been losses the world will never see. …

Another day in COVID-19

Recently I read a blog post by one of my favorite writers, Mark Manson. You may know him from his New York Times bestseller, the “Subtle art of not giving a %$#@.*.” Manson has always been a voice of reason in my trying times. In his latest post, he writes about his personal, physical, and mental challenges of being in quarantine.
As I was reading it, I felt that we were on parallel wavelengths, both of us on the same depressive curve. You know the first week where we said to ourselves… “We got this,” the…

What this means for a health and wellness practioner.

I’m 3 weeks into this quarantine. I am a Pilates instructor and a massage therapist. I work in small groups and one on one with clients. I come into contact with 10 to 15 people daily in my job. Most of the time I am in these people’s personal spaces. For my Pilates clients, I am often using touch as a cue to get them to obtain better alignment or to find the right muscle to work. In my massage appointments, my hands are used for therapy. I often have to…

How you can use this time to open yourself up to new possibilites

The last article I wrote was about finding your flow. I wrote it a couple of weeks before this all went down. Before we were all told to stay home and close our businesses, and home school our kids, and wash our hands every 20 minutes, and rush to Costco once they restocked the toilet paper.

Yes, before…that seems so long ago, but for me it was only two weeks ago. So much can change in an instant. However, this is not one of those little life…

When to push through and when to let go

I am of a certain generation that was taught with hard work you can accomplish anything. My parents were baby boomers. They both worked in the same jobs until they retired. They saved, stayed married and let their nest egg build spending little on extras. They were what I call grinders. They worked hard and always stayed the course, hell or high water. I believed in this method whole heartedly. It was modeled for me. In school the more hours I put into my studies the better I did on my…

How my relationship changed with my father after he died.

It’s been almost two years since my father passed suddenly from our lives. Death of a loved one is a traumatizing event and although I am not unique in this experience, it often feels like a long lonely road. Each of us will go through losing someone we love at some point in our lives. Once it happens to you, it’s as if you are given a special card that you begin to carry that says, “Dead Dad’s Club.” You can pull it out and show others who carry the…

In my last article I wrote about New Year’s resolutions. They are peddled around this time of year to ad nauseam that it’s hard to avoid hearing about them. And they don’t always reap any rewards if your whole being isn’t into it.

But let’s say, it just so happens that come January you knew it, you’ve been feeling it rise up inside of you and voila, you say, “2020 is the year.” You feel ready to embark on a new exercise program, diet, mediation practice or lifestyle habit of some kind. I lump them all as forms of self…

I have been a Pilates trainer for close to 20 years. I am in the business of making people feel better in their bodies. This time of year is always busy for all of us in the fitness and wellness industry with most clientele looking to jump on the “New year, New You” bandwagon. After months of indulgence, that in my opinion starts at Halloween and goes on until New Years eve, most people resolve to change their unhealthy habits.

Social media and advertising pander new diets, gym memberships, health supplements, retreats, intentions….the list goes on. I have seen and…

Loneliness: Why It’s Ok to Feel Lonely, A Mindfulness journey.

The other day, I was on one of my long walks. These are the times when I enjoy letting my mind wander as I look out over the bluff at the horizon. This particular day, as I was walking, I felt a strong sense of loneliness.

It hit me like a brick.

I was lonely. I wanted to tear up, it was that strong….

But I am not alone. I’m with clients most mornings. I have a great family; my brother lives close to me and I see him often…

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Combat It —

“I”m so stressed and now I have a headache from pulling on my hair.”

It seems like lately, all I hear from clients, friends and family is how “stressed out” they are

“I can’t go to that meeting. I am too busy and I’m totally stressed out.”

“The end of that basketball game really stressed me out.”

“I’m always in the car fighting traffic, and it stresses me out.”

“My boss is so demanding; she is stressing me out.”

Even my 10-year-old son says it. “Don’t tell me to clean my room, Mom. It stresses me out.”

It’s on everyone’s lips, so I often wonder if we mis-judge our reactions to these everyday demands.

Maria Sevilla

Master Pilates teacher, massage therapist, writer and mother. I write about whole body health, mind and body.

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