How you can use this time to open yourself up to new possibilites

The last article I wrote was about finding your flow. I wrote it a couple of weeks before this all went down. Before we were all told to stay home and close our businesses, and home school…

How my relationship changed with my father after he died.

It’s been almost two years since my father passed suddenly from our lives. Death of a loved one is a traumatizing event and although I am not unique in this experience, it often feels like a long lonely road. Each…

Loneliness: Why It’s Ok to Feel Lonely, A Mindfulness journey.

The other day, I was on one of my long walks. These are the times when I enjoy letting my mind wander as I look out over the bluff at the horizon. …

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Combat It —

“I”m so stressed and now I have a headache from pulling on my hair.”

It seems like lately, all I hear from clients, friends and family is how “stressed out” they are

“I can’t go to that meeting. I am too busy and I’m totally stressed out.”

“The end of that basketball game really stressed me out.”

“I’m always in the car fighting traffic…

Maria Sevilla

Master Pilates teacher, massage therapist, writer and mother. I write about whole body health, mind and body.

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